EPM is a full service event planning, management, and marketing  firm producing a wide variety of program and events ranging from corporate meetings and functions, fundraisers, social and community events, banquets, concerts, weddings, etc. With EPM prepare to "Take a seat with the elite", and never worry about your event and/or  project once you agree to let us handle your marketing and event needs. With a creative, innovative, and organized team, EPM will develop your event concept and timeline, manage your budget, coordinate communication with vendors, handle event and program  logistics, and provide a team for day-of coordination and implementation. EPM provides post event and program support; our team utilizes various assessment tools for data collection, evaluation, and future reccomendations.


Additionally, EPM provides marketing services and branding strategies. Our team will utilize various media mediums to connect with your target audience and maximize event success and attendance. Our in-house team will implement strategic marketing strategies to develop a creative, eye catching, and ground-breaking package that will appeal to your target audience and attract necessary partners and stakeholders. Clients will be provided a marketing proposal outlining the intended strategy, and provide updates on the status of our organization's efforts. To maximize success for future endeavors, EPM also provides clients with a detailed report outlining successes and other pertinent data.


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-Development  and implementation of ANY  event concept

-Development and management of event budget and timeline

-Day of Coordination and event/production Staff

- Event Assessments and Evaluations

-Market research

-Assessment and evaluation

-Develop and implement Marketing Plan

-Press (Media) Kit

-Relationship Building

-Branding Strategies/Consultation